“Marcelo uses psychoanalytic theory and musical aesthetics to suggest alternative ways of understanding music's power over both the listener and performer…."

Mathew Dirst, Musicologist, University of Houston.

“Psychoanalysis needs individuals who, like Marcelo, are crossed trained and can help this important field continue to grow and develop, responding to new developments in philosophy, comparative literature, music and other disciplines within the academy…. as a concertizing musician, Marcelo has a unique appreciation of the emotional aspects of artist performance, an area of great interest to me and to psychoanalysis.”  

Bill Myers, professor of psychoanalysis and Treasurer of the American Psychoanalytic Association,

Duo La Note Bleue

Marcelo created the Duo La Note Bleue, starting a series of thought provoking, innovative lecture-recitals featuring programs of the traditional repertory of cello and piano.  This projects involves pianists from US., Mexico and Argentina willing to work recitals with lectures and often public debates with the audience. His presentations unveiled a new horizon of music making, combining philosophy and psychoanalysis in engaging  discussions on how we perceive music.

Mr. Zigaran was the 1st prize  winner of the national  CORST competition in 2011 and in January 2012 he performed his debut recital in New York City.

Since then he was invited to many International Congresses of a variety of disciplines: Musicology, Arts, Culture, Education and Psychoanalysis in US, Argentina, Mexico with publications in those countries and also in Cuba, Chile, and Puerto Rico.

Marcelo was offered in 2013 a position as an adjunct professor at the Houston Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. There, he present lectures, lecture recitals and contribute to the community with his promulgation of psychoanalytic theory as a tool to help construct ways to understand and analyze the world. Psychoanalytic theory has not only great contribution and potential in areas such as Aesthetics, Philosophy, but their understanding involves questioning our very notion of reality and in consequence our notions art, culture, and sexuality.  This is music with a view of  promoting tolerance and openness to the otherness the world presents.

Whether the Duo performs at a theater, universities, congresses, or in a private home concert, he continues to win great reviews. Mr. Zigaran’s performances span an exceptionally broad range of historical and modern repertoires. He also is a passionate promoter of Latin American classical and contemporary music.

What is the power of music that transports us from one place to another?
When listening or performing music we had thought…What is happening to me?" Why are my emotions so powerful that I have the sensation of going to another world?"
Can we understand the enjoyment of music? Chopin used to name that impact as “The Blue Note”. Throughout the Blue Note, music imposes on us an unquestionable "Yes" as our response.  In music we find an "Other" that is not so foreign. The simplicity of this “Yes” does not mean that we understand it: our response, our “Yes” without questioning, is beyond our comprehension. We understand it emotionally, searching for the Blue Note in every piece we perform.

Our practice, study, recitals, and lectures are constant attempts to improve our expressive musical skills which are nothing less than the result of a Yes that has to do with love. This is like love understood as music listening to us; it reveals a lack, a dimension of our being that somehow turns us into lovers of music.



Concert Cellist